For Democrats, Schumer is championing a national infrastructure bank that could help build roads, fix bridges and create jobs. For Republicans, he is open to letting U.S. corporations bring home vast amounts of overseas income without having to pay the full 35 percent corporate-tax rate. (source: Bloomberg)

Congress authorizes $1 billion for continuing federal disaster relief.

One proposed list of demands for the Occupy Wall Street movement includes "free college tuition" and "immediate across the board forgiveness" of student debt.

The government is getting more and more involved with our lives. It is even protecting special groups of people from disasters. Why? Why should I pay for their decision of building in a disaster-prone area.

And we keep demanding more and more from the government.

The time will come when the markets will convince us that we need to work harder for a living and rely less and less on Big Daddy.

A big governemnt and concentration of power are the main reasons for the economy to grow so slowly.

George Dagnino, PhD
Editor, The Peter Dag Portfolio. Since 1977
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