I was sitting in the cockpit of my boat, resting after doing many little chores to get her ready for the sailing season. They are all important and they all need to be done.

Time flows at a different pace at the marina, almost in slow motion. It allows you to think about many things away from the pressure of the markets.

Why do we do what we do? We have many choices, of course. But we end up doing things that we may not like. Two people walked on the dock. We began talking. The first one lives on his boat close to mine. He is a retired businessman. Satellite TV and wireless computer connect him to the world.

He was also working on his boat. Planning to go somewhere? Yes, Bermuda. Perhaps for a few months and then he will come back. The second gentleman, the executive type, sails in the Bahamas in winter. He comes north in summer and works at a marina. I told him I envied him. Just do it, he answered. Time flies. Do it before it is too late.

These chats, sipping a cup of hot coffee early in the morning watching the sun rise, made me think about choices and how we decide what we do.

Often we complain about what is happening to us. We should be taking some action, but we fall asleep at the wheel. We exclude all the alternatives because we are comfortable with what we have. It is about security. I watch SNS closely. His life is about doing new things. New projects. He solves the problems as they present themselves. Just do it. Simple words implying staying at ease with risk-taking. But it is not only risk-taking. You need to have an unlimited passion for what you do. My passion is navigating the financial markets.

Passion and risk-taking give you the adrenaline rush that makes you look forward to the next day, with all its uncertainties and challenges. It is like going sailing to Bermuda or the Bahamas. It depends on you. Just do it.

(This Observations appeared in the 5-8-2006 issue of The Peter Dag Portfolio ).

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