In 1998 my investment portfolio was recognized by many sources for its above average performance. Forbes, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others ranked me as one of the best advisors over a 15 year period. SNS, an astute businessman and entrepreneur, met with me and together we strategized on how to take advantage of all this good press.

The chemistry between us turned out to be ideal. I learned a lot from him and he soon recognized what made me click.

One day, as we were drinking a cup of coffee, SNS suggested I change the first page. “George, people have to gain an appreciation of who you really are and what makes you click, your emotions, and your mental framework. Only then will they appreciate you and your recommendations”, he told me.

This column is the outcome of his suggestion. It has evolved in the past few years and it has become another way to communicate with you -- the readers.

I am trying to present the issues I am facing. I am too old to be presumptuous to believe I have the answers. Understanding the issues facing us is too complex because of the limited amount of information available.

One concept I am learning is that any conclusion we reach is going to become inconclusive as new evidence and scientific discoveries become available. p>Often we hide behind fences that give us security because we are afraid to ask the hard questions, which are likely to reveal new issues. The earth is not flat. We have come a long way from that dogma because there were giant thinkers who were willing to search and challenge the fences built by the Church throughout the Middle Age.

Eventually people continued to ask and press against the established power structure, and the world gained. The new thinking triggered years of unprecedented wealth and growth until our times.

What should we believe in? There is no answer.

(This Observations appeared in the 10-10-05 issue of The Peter Dag Portfolio ).

George Dagnino, PhD Editor,
The Peter Dag Portfolio.
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