Challenging ideas

Take your time. It is worth listening to him. That you agree with him or not. (Via ZeroHedge).

Reason’s Nick Gillespie sat down with Taleb for a wide-ranging discussion about:

•why debt leads to fragility (5:16);
•the importance of “skin in the game” to a properly functioning financial system (10:45);
•why large banks should be nationalized (21:47);
•why technology won’t rule the future (24:20);
•the value of studying the classics (26:09);
•his intellectual adversaries (33:30);
•why removing things is often the best way to solve problems (36:50);
•his intellectual influences (39:10);
•why capitalism is more about disincentives than incentives (43:10);
•why large, centralized states are prone to fail (44:50);
•his libertarianism (47:30);
•and why he’ll never take writing advice from “some academic at Cambridge who sold 2,200 copies” (51:49).

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