A few days ago I received the following eight Haiku 3-line poems from a close relative and dear friend. What is this? I asked myself, as I was concentrating on the market, interest rates, and selecting asset classes. What is the Fed up to?

Wait a minute. Stop. Read. Are you forgetting something? What is happening to you? Where are you going? Don’t you remember why you liked reading about Zen, Taoism, and Buddhism?

Rainbows are just
To look at,
Not to understand.

The night is descending,
The birds are silent,
I think of my life that flows.

Suddenly a butterfly.
I breathe the fragranced air
Of my youth.

The evening haze.
Thinking of past things
How far they are.

A life is gone.
The dewdrop
Has returned to the ocean.

A dewdrop has returned to the ocean.
Soon it will be a cloud
And rain over my garden.

In the evening of a spring day
The trees are shining.
How serene we are.

The winds that blow.
Ask them, which leaf on the tree
Will be next to go.

I found a quiet place. I read and re-read the short eight poems. Slowly I began to understand and see new things. New places. New meanings. The Tao? I remembered the spirit of Zen meditation. You will never know unless you get there. Why don’t you try?

(This Observations appeared in the 1/24/05 issue of The Peter Dag Portfolio ).

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