Bad news for the market

For some time I have been saying the economy is weak and will remain weak. Implications?

1. Weak commodities
2. Weak oil prices
3. Lower bond yields
4. Poor earnings growth.

The above chart shows the relationship between oil and stocks (Source: ZeroHedge). Bad news for stocks, considering crude oil is likely to keep heading lower because of weak economic conditions and adverse seasonality.

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Harvey Smith said...

Thanks for the information. However, I think that today’s economy is strong and stable enough and there are many factors reflecting that. Today’s economy is quite healthy. For example, today’s unemployment rate is record low and the job market is healthy. Yes, some people still have to get easy instant loan to make ends meet but most of Americans have a stable income. At the same time, many people have loans and debts to repay. In any case, the situation today is much better than it was a few years ago.