We spent the evening in Oxford, MD. We anchored in a nice creek. A delightful place I have been going to for the past 25 years. We had dinner at the Robert Morris Inn, a business established in 1710. We went back to the boat and enjoyed a late evening drink looking at the green and red lights flashing to indicate the entrance of the channel.

We got up early the following morning because our plan was to sail to St. Michael – a long trip. The winds were from North-East. After motoring 30 minutes we decided to sail. That was the reason we were there.

As we reached the Bay we decided to keep sailing although the wind was coming from the North, against us. It was a pleasant sail. The wind was close to 10-12 kts, sunny, and the temperature was a cool 70 degrees.

Eventually we realized we could not go to St. Michael. We were sailing too slowly. It was time to find another destination – Annapolis.

After lunch we noticed some clouds north of the Bay Bridge. Not to worry said Richard. They are too far away. Ron agreed. I am a strategist. This is my mindset. I started looking for alternative destinations – just in case. We decided it was wise to think about going into a creek in the West River, one hour away. And we had to motor going south.

The wind was behind us and becoming stronger. The clouds were not far away and were biting our stern. Waves were becoming increasingly whiter, suggesting winds were picking up and were stronger than 20 kts. Our instruments confirmed it.

Eventually winds became 40-50 kts strong. The boat, a Sabre 38’, was handling it well. But to reach our destination (a protected cove) we had to go through a narrow channel in very shallow water.

Now the winds were gusting up to 73kts. I decided to go in. The winds were to port. The boat was healing with the starboard rail almost in the water. But I made it. Safely. The boat handled well. We anchored in 50 kt winds and waited for the storm to blow away drinking a Scotch. The rain stopped. All is well what ends well.

(This Observations appeared in the 6-25-2007 issue of The Peter Dag Portfolio ).

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