I am having fun. I am very lucky. I love what I am doing. I like the challenge. I like the frustrations. Being wrong. Being right. The psychological effort to bounce out of bad moments gets the adrenaline flowing.

As when I was playing tennis. The opponent was getting ahead. What was I doing wrong? Should I change strategy. How? Slowly I was winning more points than losing them. Great! Keep doing the same thing.

I get the same feeling in my job. My brain has to keep working and be challenged. Lou has now started a blog for me and showed me how to keep it updated. It is really exciting. More on peterdag.blogspot.com.

As I go through my research and readings, it is not unusual I react to the news and to what analysts are saying. I always have the need to share with someone what I think. But I had to keep it for myself.

Now I have a venue. An outlet. My blog. This is where you can find my off-the-cuff reactions to what is happening. Or interesting news. Some examples.

• Are energy stocks close to a buy point? This is a reaction to watching some eye opening charts.
• Are commodity prices controlled by cartels? I did not agree with a Financial Times article.
• Is the market trying to prove all those bears wrong about the economy? The market is too strong to expect a recession.
• How is the housing market impacting the start of new businesses? A unique point of view.
• Do I like the Chinese stock market? Yes, of course. But there is something making me feel uncomfortable. What is the outlook for China?
• The UK central bank keeps tightening. It is a pattern quite common in the global space.
• The dollar is strong, as I predicted. What does it mean? What are the implications?

I hope you will find my comments on peterdag.blogspot.com helpful and interesting.

(This Observations appeared in the 1-22-2007 issue of The Peter Dag Portfolio ).

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