First of all, before anything else, I would like to wish you happy and joyous holidays. I would like to say “I appreciate your business”, but I do not like the way it sounds. I simply want to tell you: thank you for following and using my ideas. Thank you! Many times subscribers ask me how I prepare each issue. This is it.

On Friday I start concentrating on the next issue, on what has happened, what is really relevant, and taking the “noise” out of the news.

On Saturday I make a list of the data released since the previous issue. Then I start to collect the data, focusing on the revisions and what they mean. On Saturday afternoon I enter the data.

Sunday is the most creative part of the process. I analyze hundreds of charts and relationships. They provide me with clues on what is happening. I make notes as ideas go through my mind.

On Monday I review my notes and start writing the content which starts on page 5. This is when I let my mind go and I nail the major trends. I define the relationships between leading, coincident, and lagging indicators and their impact on the financial markets.

On Tuesday I finish writing the first four pages and most of the issue, making sure my ideas flow correctly and always keeping an eye on recent market developments.

Wednesday is devoted to the stock sector analysis and the review of the many graphs I have developed. This is a very intense day because I study the many investment ideas I collected in the previous days.

Thursday is the day when all comes together. I make sure I have the right recommendations, strategies, and market timing conclusions. I constantly review my market indicators and finalize the timing.

Friday and Saturday are devoted to preparing the final format to be posted on the website. At the end of this process my brain feels completely empty. But I love what I am doing, knowing very well next Friday I have to start all over again.

(This Observations appeared in the 12-26-06 issue of The Peter Dag Portfolio ).

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